We are Photonyca. We are on a mission to solve Concentrated Solar Thermal. Starting from a clean slate and developing from first principles, deploying the latest cutting-edge technologies, we have a roadmap to reinvent and commercialize the next generation of Solar Power Tower technology with storage.

Today's CSP power plants are based on decades-old technologies designed with decades-old tools. Changing that requires new approaches from technological, business, and strategic aspects and we have the vision, the team and the resources needed to do just that.

Our work is based on seven years of research and development and funding from the World Bank and the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development. At this point, we have successfully built and tested a proof of concept and full-scale prototype.

We were promised a sustainable energy future, but we got intermittent technologies with a capacity factor of <35% and no affordable storage solutions. The electrification of our world has already started, but a meaningful, sustainable solution still needs to be introduced. We will change that!

Our mission: